Winter Wonderland

Christmas is just around the corner and yesterday I spent the day filming an event highlights film at Winter Wonderland in London.

Filming an event highlights film

Live events are some of our favourite jobs to cover. You never know exactly what you’re going to get. This film was a particularly fun one as it was Christmas themed! Who doesn’t love a Christmas event!

The event was packed with all kinds of things. Amazing Christmas food, carol singing, Christmas presents and reindeer. Even father Christmas himself was there to visit! Our job was to capture it all and create an amazing video!

The filming process

The filming was split into two sections for this one. Firstly was the b-roll material and secondly was the interview aspect of the video. We tackled the b-roll first, taking our time capturing every detail of the amazing Winter Wonderland. It was so nice to see so many happy people. There was certainly a dose of Christmas spirit about. This really made for some excellent visuals. Once we had covered plenty of imagery we then moved onto the interviews.

We left the interviews to do last for a reason. Firstly that was because we needed people who had experienced the entire event. Secondly we wanted to people to have some of the handmade gifts to show us. As a result we managed to get a wide variety of people. They had plenty of handmade gifts to show the camera which just looked great.

The kit

Kit wise we used our FS700 and Odyssey 7Q on this one. Its a perfect camera to run about with. The screen on the Odyssey is just great for knowing your focus is spot on. You can really see every detail. This is definitely a great setup for events!

The end result of our highlights film

In conclusion, we created some great visuals that certainly had a hint of Christmas cheer! You could really start to feel the Christmas spirit at this event and it was a pleasure to capture it on video! We only have a handful of shoots left before the Christmas break now!


By Paul Bates, on Dec 4th, 2015, 0 Comments