Realm Video Limited Terms and Conditions

1. General information

Realm Video Limited will provide services to the Client(s), providing the Client(s) have/has assessed all the risks that may occur.

2. Booking and payment

a. A booking fee/deposit is required upon acceptance of a quote(non-refundable subject to Paragraph 3c).

b. A date may only be considered ‘reserved’ once deposit funds are cleared. Until that point dates cannot be guaranteed. If a date is no longer available any deposit received will be returned to the sender with no further liability on either party.

c. The full balance is payable at least 30 days prior to the date of your filming. In cases where a booking has been made within the 30 day period, the full (non-refundable) balance is payable.

d. Travel Expenses; Unless agreed otherwise, all travel expenses are included in the contract price.

e. Accommodation; Unless agreed otherwise, all accommodation expenses are included in the contract price.

3. Cancellations

a. Video productions sometimes need to be cancelled. We strongly recommend that all clients take out Comprehensive Insurance to protect themselves from costs if they do need to cancel.

b. The Client(s) may cancel this booking at any time by giving written notice to Realm Video Limited.

c. Cancellation charges are as follows;
i. More than 7 days prior to the date – deposit only.
ii. Less than 7 days prior to the date – full amount.

4. Government Restrictions and Pandemics

a. If your video shoot cannot take place due to government restrictions, or will be materially different from the video shoot you had originally planned, then we will offer a postponement to future available date(s) at no additional cost. In the event of a complete cancellation due to government restrictions then all monies paid will be returned in full, minus any costs incurred and reasonable deductions for work already undertaken including, but not limited to, pre-filming communications, development of timelines, booking of accommodation, travel, hiring of freelancers and preparation of gear for the Event.
In the case of a Force Majeure Event, We shall have no additional liability to the Client with respect to this Agreement beyond that described in this Section and below.

b. Government restrictions must be officially outlined and documented at the time of cancellation. Predictions or rumoured restrictions are not viable for full cancellations of our service.

c. If you choose to change your video production to a date we have confirmed we are unavailable for, or chosen a date without conveying this with us before confirming the new date, this will be deemed as a normal cancelation of our services and the full booking fee will be retained.

5. Filming day

a. You will be asked a series of questions before your video production filming day which provides realm video Limited with all the information needed to produce your film.

b. The Client(s) must obtain permission for realm Video Limited to film at the various locations at which the video production will take place. The Client(s) is also responsible for any fees levied at the various locations.

c. For event video productions we aim to be discreet whilst filming, but in low light conditions additional camera-mounted or free standing lighting may be required.

d. Coverage and filming will be as Realm Video Limited’s professional expertise and no one scene will be determined more important than another. While every effort will be made to get the best position for the camera(s) to film, this may not always be possible if restrictions are imposed upon us on the day. Realm Video Limited cannot guarantee coverage of any particular individual or group during the day.

e. We use broadcast quality well maintained equipment, however we will not be liable for any Radio Signal losses, Battery failures, equipment failure and/or material defects, which are beyond our control. In the unlikely event of a total video failure, our liabilities are limited to a refund of all monies paid to Realm video Limited by the Client(s).

f. Realm Video limited will be the exclusive professional videographer(s). Colleagues are permitted to operate video cameras on the condition that they do not interfere with or get in the way of the professional coverage.

g. Coverage is for the times and dates specified and agreed only, additional filming hours and locations will incur further charges but approval for additional filming hours will always be sought from the Client(s) before any charges are incurred.

h. In the case that a particular segment of the production is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the final edited film, it is at the sole discretion of Realm video Limited. If something occurred on the filming day that the Client(s) does not want to appear on the final film, the Client(s) must instruct Realm Video Limited in writing before post production begins.

i. Realm Video Limited is a team comprising of highly skilled camera operators and video editors. The filming and editing can be completed by any member or members of our highly skilled team.

j. The Client(s) must provide a safe working environment and is responsible for any damage to our equipment by their guests and will be liable to pay such expenses for replacement or repairs. In restrictive conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures and humidity, adequate shelter must be provided to the video production team.

k. In the unlikely event of illness, we will seek the filming to be undertaken by experienced associate videographer(s). The editing will still be undertaken by Realm Video Limited to maintain consistency of the finished product. If the replacement videographer(s) cannot be found then all monies paid to Realm Video Limited by the Client(s) will be returned in full.

6. The Edit

a. Realm Video Limited will endeavour to build your film around any special requests made, but such requests are not binding instructions. Artistic interpretation cannot be guaranteed but every attempt will be made to comply with the Client(s) wishes. Realm Video Limited will not be held responsible for scenes not included due to weather or other conditions outside of their control.

b. The films are edited in Realm Video Limited’s own signature style and are designed to act as an entertaining and highly watchable film.

c. Aside from correcting technical errors, additional fees will apply for any creative changes or re-editing that is desired.

d. Royalty free music needs to be used for any content which is to be distributed publicly online in order to comply with copyright laws.

e. Any loss or damage of material or software (i.e. video and/or audio supplied by the Client(s) is limited to the cost of the media alone. No consequential loss is accepted by Realm Video Limited.

f. If a Client(s) submits any media to Realm Video Limited for inclusion in the film, Copyright clearance is the responsibility of the Client(s).

g. Realm Video Limited aims to deliver the finished films within the agreed timeline for your video production. Each film is given a great deal of care and attention which means that the process does take some time. Subject to Paragraphs (5g.i & 5g.ii).
i.The Clients(s) supplies Realm Video Limited with all items required to complete the video before the event date.
ii. If after 6 months from the date of filming eh video production, the items and/or information required to finish the video is not forthcoming, then the service will have expired and an additional fee will be made for any subsequent editing.

7. Acceptance of Goods

a. The Client(s) shall, within 14 days from the delivery of goods, give written notice to Realm Video Limited of any respect in which it is alleged that the Goods do not comply with the agreed video production. Subject to any such notice, the goods will be deemed to comply with the agreed video production in all respects.

8. Additional

a. Copyright of the footage will be owned by Realm Video Limited.

b. Unless otherwise agreed, the video footage may be used by Realm Video Limited for promotional purposes.

c. The prices quoted are current at the time of providing the quote. Realm Video Limited reserve the right to change and amend the booking without notice (prior to signing) at which point prices may change.