Video production techniques

Videography has changed hugely over the past few years, especially in major cities such as London.  Advances in technology has enabled videographers to express themselves like never before.  With that in mind, I’ve put together some of our top video productions techniques.

Video production techniques – The basics

Although we have seen huge change in technology and how videos are made in the past ten or so years, some things never change.  There are a handful of staple video production techniques which have always been at the core of creating good content and those things haven’t changed.  These are things that take time to learn and work as a fantastic building block to any video being created.  Story is one of those elements.  A good, genuine story is key.  It keeps your audience engaged and interested watch on.  Before anything else, I establish what the story is and think about how best to tell it.


Beyond knowing the basic of filmmaking there are some tricks we have available in this modern era of filmmaking that you can take advantage of.  What does one mean by basics of filmmaking?  I consider these things such as exposing correctly, framing in an appeasing way, knowing how to record sound cleanly and having a good understanding of how to light.  Beyond this I love cashing in on some of the incredible technology we have available.  Autofocus is at the top of my list.  I remember someone telling me ten years ago that autofocus would never become a thing.  How wrong they were.  Autofocus systems on cameras such as the Sony A7SIII and Canon R5 are game changing.   I often shoot at F1.4 with the autofocus systems on these cameras.  Even the best focus puller coudl struggle at these fast F-stops.  As a result, I can achieve a look previously unavailable, especially to people creating corporate video content.


Movement brings video production to life.  Prior to the invention of the gimbal you would be looking at a steady cam operator move your camera to achieve big sweeping moves.  Now we have amazing motorised gimbals that stabilise cameras like never before.  Modern mirrorless cameras are so light that a light weight gimbal setup is easily achievable.  Even when filming solo, those big sweeping moves are now available and they add so much to our films.  We really do live in a fantastic era for videographers where creating amazing content has never been easier.

By Paul Bates, on Feb 13th, 2023, 0 Comments