Video editing like a pro

Videographers and filmmakers all over London will understand that feeling of capturing the perfect set of video rushes. Now comes the anticipation of seeing the video edit come together so of course you want to get down to video editing like a pro.

Video editing like a pro

There are so many different ways a video can come together and it’s down to the editors eye to make it happen. So how can you create a master piece in the editing suite?

This article lays out some of my favourite tips when it comes to cutting your films.

Know your tools

As any good editor will tell you, you should know your editing suite like the back of your hand.  Editing suites have unbelievable capabilities now so understanding it’s full potential is key. Going back a few years ago editing suites couldn’t do things like auto generate subtitles, automatically link up your sound and video clips or even have the ability to colour grade in suite. It’s a great time to be a video editor so get to know your editing software.


Ever had a set of clips that just lack dynamism. Maybe they’ve all been filmed on a tripod and literally feel static.  There are a few great tools to bring these clips to life. We edit in FCPX which has drop in filters that will add handheld shake or a slow zoom. Both work well to spice up a stagnant clip.


The story is fundamental to a good edit. If I’m editing interviews I spend a good amount of time working out how to structure the narrative.

I tend to use a couple of techniques to make the edits particularly engaging. Firstly, I love to open the film with a hook. Something that grabs the audience in the first 5 or 10 seconds and makes them want to watch on to find out what happens.

The editors choice

A huge responsibility and task awaits a video editor but the reward is massive. I love that feeling of creating something special that simply engages the viewer in an incredible way.


By Paul Bates, on Jul 19th, 2023, 0 Comments