Vehicle Videography

Working in London as a videographer opens the door to film all kinds of interesting projects.  We recently found ourselves filming some incredible camper van style vehicles.  Vehicle videography is quite a niche and when it comes to showing off the interiors you really need to know the best way to capture all the details.

Filming the camper vans

When it comes to filming something like a camper van you really need to showcase the space in the best possible way.  A wide lens is a must.  As a result we took our 14mm wide angle Canon L-series lens with us.  This lens is perfect for architecture and interiors.  We paired this lens with our Canon R5 and DJI-RS2 gimbal.  This was a winning combination for us.  The mixture of the wide lens and movement we can capture on the gimbal really creates an engaging and dynamic style of video shot.  The wide lens enhances the movement and just makes the video clips feel more exciting.

Once we captured all our wider angles, it was all about the detail.  We used a 35mm F1.4 lens to get some depth in the clips.  This created a lovely cinematic style of video.  When paired with the wider clips, this offered a great amount of coverage.

Getting the job done

Getting the filming for this video project done quickly was key.  This time of year the light doesn’t stay out for long so we were up against the clock.  We worked quickly to capture 6 vehicles and just about managed it before the sun went down.  The deliverables were six individual videos but also a highlights film which showcased the entire fleet.  The end result was exactly as awe intended wit a fast paced and fun feeling to all the videos.  The client was over the moon and ready to start using these videos straight away!

By Paul Bates, on Dec 7th, 2021, 0 Comments