Understanding video production

As a videographer with 15 plus years experience working in video production in London, I know the industry inside out. Understanding video production shouldn’t feel overwhelming and when you work with the right team of people things should run smoothly. This article details and explores the various elements to look out for when running a video production.

Corporate video production

Corporate video is all about working with the client to understand their needs as a business.  What are the business looking to market or sell?  As a videographer or filmmaker you should try to get to know their products and services.  We always aim for an intimate relationship where we spend time understanding the client.   This is the approach we use whenever we’re filming corporate or business related videos.  Inevitably this helps to lead to creating the video the company are looking for.

Live streaming

Live streaming video productions are really down to technical expertise and experience.  We have carried out extensive live streaming projects, especially over the early covid years.  Technical knowledge is key to ensuring everything works.  One thing we always like to do is bring backups of everything so if anything goes down, we can get it back up and running quickly.  After all with live streaming, you only have one chance to get it right.  We usually carry out internet speed checks and aim to sort a wired connection so we know exactly what’s possible before we run any live streaming project.

Commercial videos

When it comes to commercials, we know that storyboarding and preparation is key.  We go into our commercial projects with a strong vision and with every little detail prepared.  We love researching for our commercial projects to come up with fresh ideas.   We even create video storyboards to give our clients an idea of what the end video might look like! hopefully understanding video production should feel a little less overwhelming and the key take home is to work with an experienced videographer or production team.


By Paul Bates, on Jan 3rd, 2023, 0 Comments