Training video videography

A good training video goes beyond just being able to point a camera and have someone talk through something.  For an engaging video it needs to be well filmed in a dynamic way that grabs the audiences attention.  We’ve been creating high end training videos across London and the Uk for the past 15 years.  Here are our top tips to create an amazing training video that connects with your audience.

Pacing your training video

Training videos that can hold the viewers attention will have good pacing.  This can be achieved through using multiple cameras and cut away images.  This technique grabs the audiences attention because the shot is changing regularly and something new is happening.  With this in mind, we always like to use a minimum of 2 cameras when filming training videos.

Great camera work

Of course, one easy way to improve your training video is to have great camera work.  Working with an experienced camera operator, DOP or videographer like myself will give your video an edge.  From lighting to camera movements, a professional will know how to optimise the visuals.  This is another way of holding the attention of your audience.

Modern style in a training video

Great titles, fun colours and of course branding are another great way to give your training video the edge.  Branding is especially important.  Will your viewer instantly know that your video belongs to your brand? If they can recognise your video and instantly know its a high quality production from a. brand they like and trust then you’re doing something right.  It’s also worth thinking about text.  You can easily bring text in, in a fun and exciting way these days.  Again this helps keep things fresh and moving along.

So those are some of our top tips for creating a dynamic and engaging training video.  If you want to work with a top videographer based in London you can click through to our contact page to speak with one of our team.

By Paul Bates, on Nov 15th, 2022, 0 Comments