Summer event video

Summer event video

When summer rolls round we often get asked to cover jobs outside of the city.  Being a videographer based in London this is a nice change and we do love filming outside.  So when we were asked to cover a summer event video we jumped at the chance.

A combination of two loves

Other than creating beautiful looking video productions, our other passion is sustainability. This job combined  our two passions.  As a result we knew we were best placed to produce something special.

We really wanted to pull out all the stops with this one.  With this in mind we bought out our drone, gimbal and finest lenses to create an event video with a high end look.  We know what is required when it comes to making an eye catching event video. With over ten years of experience we have our own approaches for most jobs which we always combine with a sprinkle of uniqueness based on each job.

The perfect recipe

The video was to be a mix of interviews and imagery showcasing the entire weekend. This included interviews with the people running the event but also some of the children at the event.  There was plenty to film with the weekend including workshops on sustainability, stalls selling eco products and loads of fun games for kids.

The location itself was an off grid community so lent itself to the subject.  The drone was key for showing this off. As a result we were not only able to show the space from a unique angle but capture things like solar panels on roofs and wind turbines which otherwise would have been difficult.

Your  event video

Do you have an event coming up that you need capturing on video? Using an experienced team like ours will get you a great result so you can spread your message globally.

By Paul Bates, on Aug 11th, 2022, 0 Comments