Sports videography

Sports videography is a very specific type of filmmaking. It’s much faster paced and more energetic than many other types of videography. As a result it can be a daunting task. We break down our top tips for sports videography and how to make the most of what you’re filming.

The rise of sports videography

Anyone working as a videographer or filmmaker in London has probably come across a request for some kind of sports videography. London is home to many incredible sports. From football to Tennis to cycling to Rugby and beyond. We’ve been asked many times to document sports videos so mastering this niche has been key for us.


The first thing to know when filming sports is that things move quickly. With that in mind, lens choices and rigs are super important. Sports stars move quickly so if you can do the same you’ll be able to keep up.
We tend to run multiple cameras. One on a gimbal with a wide angle lens and one on sticks with a long lens. We actually also run a third angle which i’ll suprise you with later in the article. This setup has worked great for us in the past.
The wide angle is a more forgiving angle. We usually run a 14mm lens on a full frame camera. This enables you to move quicker with less visible shake and wobble. You can also easily guess what’s in frame. This means less worrying about monitoring and more focus on filming.
The second angle on sticks with a long lens covers your detail. We run a 70 to 300mm. At 300mm you can really get in on the action without the athletes even feeling the camera on them. The detail from this view is amazing. We like to mix it with super slow motion for an amazing high end look.
Our third bonus angle is just as essential as the first two. It’s a unique angle and one that really gives perspective. What better way to get perspective than an aerial view. We love to get our drone up for an amazing wide angle aerial perspective. This gives the video a fantastic establishing angle.

Working with a top videographer

These are some of our top tips for sports videography. What kind of sports are you looking to be filmed? If you want to work with an expert videographer you can rely on then you’re in the right place.  Our 15 years of experience will help to deliver what you’re looking for.

By Paul Bates, on Nov 20th, 2022, 0 Comments