Showcasing the value of a great videographer

A well accomplished London based videographer will usually cost you a reasonable amount for the day.  However, as for most things in life, using someone with extensive experience is worth the cost.  At least in my experience this is the case.  In the past, when I started out, I ended up working with other crew members who were less experienced.  This showed on set and in the results of their contributions.  It was very quick lesson I learnt and I was happy to pay more for people who would bring an expertise that creating a video requires.

Value of experience

When you’re hiring a videographer to create your video production, you usually do so with a vision in mind.  That vision will essentially be a film that works and does its job.  So what does that comprise of? A narrative that works, stunning visuals, clean sound, exciting dynamic and engaging editing and delivered in various formats that suit your requirements.  An excellent London based videographer will be able to do all of these things.  So although you may pay more for a filmmaker with this experience, it will show in the final film.

Value of camera kit in showcasing the value of a great videographer

An overlooked aspect of hiring an experienced filmmaker is that camera kit they come with.  A videographer who has been filming jobs in London for 10 or more years will likely have a great selection of kit that they come with.  We have all kinds of fantastic kit that we have built over the years.  These include 4k cameras, a huge amount of fast prime lenses, drone, gimbal, autocue, extensive lighting packages and sound kit.  For a videographer who is less experienced they won’t have had time to build such a vast and expensive kit.  I know for a fact that if a client was to hire out the kit I usually bring on a shoot, it would cost more from the hire house.  Beyond the kit of course you’re getting all those years of experience as a video expert and artist on top.

Trusting the process

One final thought of course is when you hire someone who is experienced is that you can relax a lot more.  Knowing you’re in the hands of a top London based videographer means you know you’re much more likely to get the end result that you are looking for!



By Paul Bates, on Apr 4th, 2024, 0 Comments