NHM – London video shoot

We just spent a couple of days in London at the Natural History Museum filming some new interview videos. This was a fantastic film project to work on and a real pleasure to be able to film a series of video interviews around the entire museum.

Filming interview videos

When it comes to filming interview videos, we feel right at home. Above all, interview videos have been a staple of our work for the past twelve years. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful looks specific for each individual project. The London based location of the Natural History Museum is simply wonderful. Therefore we were really able to utilise the grand spaces in the video. As a result we were able to create some real depth to the shots that show off the grander of the museum.

The kit

Our flagship camera is the Canon C300MKIII which is perfect almost all situations and this was no exception. The combination of the wide dynamic range, autofocus and small form factor makes it perfect for interview shoots. Although we had free reign of the museum, we still had a lot of interviews to capture in a short time frame. Getting the kit up and down several times a day isn’t easy. We were exhausted by the end of the shoot, however we left feeling content we’d cerated something beautiful.

In additional to the Canon C300MKIII we used a variety of lighting. Utilising the soft light of our F&V Z800s lights, we created radiant and soft skin tones. One light I love to have available is the Aputure 300DII. This light is so powerful and draws minimal power so can be run off of 13 amp sockets. This was one shoot we really used it to the max, having it at 100% to light the backgrounds at times!

The end result

The end result was a series of high end interviews ready to be streamed live by the Natural History Museum for their Photographs rob the Year project. Below are a few frames from the video which will be going live next month.

By Paul Bates, on Sep 29th, 2020, 0 Comments