Making an impact using video production

The number one goal as a videographer who’s creating films in London is to make an impact through your work.  Whether it’s documentary films, corporate video, live streaming, advertising or even promotional videos.  The end result is to make an impact.

Why making an impact using video production matters

Our aim is for all our films to make a big impact.  It’s what our clients want and that’s where it starts.  We know its key to understand the kind of impact a video should have.  Once we have this key information, we can put a solid plan together to crate a film that achieves this goal.

How do we know how well a video achieves?

We are expert filmmakers and videographers and part of that means monitoring what works in our films.  We keep an eye on things like current trends on how people consume videos and how long they will watch a certain kind of videos.  This information guides us on how to create content that is more likely to get consumed.  Another indicator of how well a video works is play count.  We know for instance, one particular campaign we worked on got over 100,000 plays on TikTok and lots of interactions from the viewers.  We like to think about these aspects when we go into a project.

Other techniques to creating amazing video

There is also the filmmaking tools and technique side of video creation.  As experience video production creators we have a list of tricks and techniques up our sleeves to create content that visually works.  Beyond this we also know storytelling is key to keeping the audience hooked.  As a result we have ways of keeping a video engaging and fresh that we purposely implement.

In conclusion, we know making an impact using video production matters.  There is a bigger purpose to video creation and that is having an impact once your viewers watch your films.  In our films we like the impact to be meaningful and thats what a lot of our video projects are about positive social change.  We love to use our craft, skills and years of experience to make a difference.

By Paul Bates, on Mar 17th, 2023, 0 Comments