Looking back at this year as a videographer & filmmaker

What an exciting year 2023 has been as a videographer and filmmaker working across London and the UK.  We’ve worked on some super exciting film projects! What better way to end 2023 than by looking back at this year as a videographer & filmmaker and all the projects we’ve done in London and beyond!

Some of our favourite video projects

As a videographer based in London, it’s a true blessing to be able to work no such. variety of films and videos.  So what have some of our favourite projects been this year?  We’ve worked on a handful of great charity and positive social change films.  These usually end up at the top of my list each year.  Can there be a better thing to do than to use your talents and skills to try and help people and raise awareness of great causes.  One particular project was for a local charity who help refugees and non-native English speakers to get settled the UK.

We’ve also been Lucky to work on a handful of commercial projects that have put our creative ideas to the test!  Visually these projects are always so much fun as we get to play with care movements, lighting and coming up with unique concepts!

Video interviews

We all know that video interviews are a staple for most videographers, especially those across London but we’ve filmed a record number this year, interviewing over 100 people!  These are always such. pleasure to do, not only because it’s so nice to meet some many wonderful people but because lighting people is always such a pleasure.  It’s a skill Ive been honing over the past 15 years and it’s lovely to be able to walk into a space and find the best spot to make someone look great.

What’s to come for the new year

Of course it’s nice to look back but we’re always looking forward.  2024 has some fantastic projects in store for us already with confirmed projects dotted about between January and March already.  We hope to continue the wonderfully fruitful work we were lucky enough to do in 2023 in the new year and have an equally fun dn prosperous filmmaking adventure.  A huge thank you to all our clients who we worked with this year.  See you all in 2024!  We’ll leave you with a video featuring some of our favourite video frames from this year!

By Paul Bates, on Dec 28th, 2023, 0 Comments