London Office Video Walkthrough

As a London based videographer, walkthrough videos are a staple of my work. Over the past year especially, the demand for walkthrough videos has skyrocketed.  With covid making it difficult to view properties in person walkthrough videos have become a great way to showcase a space to perspective clients.


Creating a walkthrough video in London

We’ve been creating walkthrough videos for a number of years now and our vast experience enables us to create a great looking walkthrough videos.  This particular video project was for an office space in central London looking to be rented.  Our style of creating walkthrough videos has developed over the years.  As a result we have an approach that we like to follow to create a successful walkthrough video.

Firstly, is camera kit.  A walkthrough video needs the right gear to enable us to achieve the right shots.  Top of the list is the DJI-RS2 gimbal.  This is one of the best gimbals our there.  It’s super smooth and just works simply and easily.  The end result is smooth looking video.  Next up is a wide lens.  We shoot each space with two different lenses.  First up is the super wide 14mm.  This is an architecture lens that makes the space looking big. Secondly is the 24mm lens.  Less wide than the 14mm, this gives us a fairly wide shot but with less of the unnaturally wide feel the 14mm sometimes has.  The result of mixing between these two lenses is a perfect balance.

Once all the gimbal video shots have been captured, I always like to go back around to all the spaces and do some pickups on a tripod.  These more composed and thought out shots fit nicely into the video to give a sense of style.

The end result

In conclusion, we managed to create another great walkthrough video that really showcases the space in a fantastic way.  You can see a couple of stills from the video below.


By Paul Bates, on Apr 7th, 2021, 0 Comments