Lens choices for a videographer

As a London based Videographer you may get asked to work on a variety of video projects.  These can range from corporate interview filming, to event videography but also more creative projects such as documentary films and art videos. Each film you make can have different requirements.  As a result, you may think about trying to use different kit to achieve different looks in your films.  One way of achieving this is thinking about your lens choices for a videographer.

The best lens choices for a videographer

Is there one lens that can do it all? Technically yes, but not if you want to create a unique look for your videos.  As a videographer you may often find yourself striving to create the best films you possibly can.  one way you can achieve this is through using different lenses.

For corporate video projects where you might be filming interviews and grabbing some quick office b-roll then a lens with autofocus may be your best port of call.  Of course you can still use fast lenses to get shallow dept of field in your shots but the autofocus makes your life much easier.  These lenses also typically have a nice detailed look but without and quirky character that other lenses may offer.  Standard Canon L-series lenses such as the 85mm F1.2 or a 35mm F1.4 would be great for this kind of work.  Of course a zoom lens can also be very useful and a winning combination for me is often the 70-200 F2.8 combined with the 24-70 F2.8.

Lens choices for more creative filmmaking projects

As videographers we all love those creative projects that enable us to get out of our comfort zone.  Documentaries, music videos, creative commercials and campaign films.  These are the video projects where you can really go to town and create a specific look.  This is when you can put aside your standard lenses that you might use for your corporate video shoots.

So what lenses work well for these more creative projects?  Many cinematographers draw inspiration from old films that have quirky looks.  Old lenses such as the Canon K35’s or even Canon FD lenses are popular to create a vintage look with character.  Of course there are the infamous Helios lenses which flare and create amazing swirly bokeh.  A unique but beautiful look can be achieved with these lenses.  Of course each lens creates a different look and feel so it’s nice to approach this on a project by project basis.

By Paul Bates, on Dec 11th, 2023, 0 Comments