Incorporating branding into your video productions

One often overlooked aspect of a videographer or filmmaker’s work is incorporating branding into your video productions.  So you can film and edit a video that looks great but one further way to put a unique stamp on your fit is incorporating your clients branding.

Why incorporate branding into your films?

Many clients will definitely want their branding featured in their films so this is a great skill to add to your arsenal.  This goes beyond a basic fade up on a client logo.  Knowing how to include these assets in a creative way may even be the defining factor for a client choosing to work with you.  Maybe you come from a documentary or music video background but would like to work on more corporate productions.  Well knowing how to deal with branding will position you as experienced and more professional in that realm.

Are you new to incorporating branding into your video productions?

Most companies, especially the corporate ones I mainly work with across London, have brand guidelines and I find this a great place to start.  These guidelines often showcase how they like to display certain elements, what colours you can use and branded fonts.  This is where you can get creative and come up with engaging and interesting ways of displaying information.  This is a real asset when it comes to your videos as it just breaks things up and re-engages your audience.  Spending some time learning how to do this is a worthwhile task if you’re serious about corporate video production as a videographer.

In summary

Looking back on my own journey, I know utilising branding in the right way has been a fantastic asset.  It’s elevated my videos and films and has attracted more client looking for professional looking video production. It’s all made my practise as a filmmaker even more enjoyable and opened up my mind to more creative ways of thinking.



By Paul Bates, on Jan 18th, 2024, 0 Comments