How videographers make people feel comfortable on camera

Working as a London based videographer or filmmaker means going beyond just using cameras and lighting kit.  Much of the work one does as a videographer is making the client and talent feel comfortable.  This is essential to getting the best film or video made.  So you may ask yourself how videographers make people feel comfortable on camera.

Building a rapport

Forging friendships and finding common ground with people is one way of making them feel more comfortable.  I often look for something they’re interested in.  This could be football for example.  I will then try and have a chat about this subject.  People are usually very enthusiastic to tell me more about the said subject and tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed.  This is a great way of getting someone ready to be on camera, especially if it’s someone who hasn’t been on camera before.

Making the situation feel light

Understandably, being in front of the camera can be a daunting task for some people.  Another way to lighten the mood is to crack a light hearted joke to make people feel more at ease.  One thing I usually say that gets a laugh is saying that we have plenty of time and that we aren’t broadcasting live to the TV.  It’s these little moments that can really help your interviewee or the person you;’re filming relax a little.  The end goal is to get the best footage that you can and that includes getting the most from the people you’re filming.

Talking through the filming environment

For people being filmed for the first time, the film set environment will be new.  I always like to talk people through the set.  I show them the tape mark on the floor where they’ll need ot stand.  I let them know where heir eyeliner should be.  I tell them if we won’t hear the interviewers question and how they will need to add context to their answer.  These sound like simple things but far better to ensure someone knows this before you start filming.  After all, if you wait and they’re then already feeling nervous, they may feel like they’re not doing a good job which is the last thing you eat someone to think.

If you’re a videographer yourself then understanding how videographers make people feel comfortable on camera is a key skill.  It is one taht is often overlooked but an absolutely essential one none the less.

By Paul Bates, on Mar 11th, 2024, 0 Comments