How videographers & filmmakers work with children

The age old phrase of ‘never work with animals or children’ is one you may have heard before if you’re working as a videographer or filmmaker in London.  However it’s not one that I agree with.  I’ve worked extensively with both animals and children and never had an issue.  So lets look at how videographers & filmmakers work with children successfully.

Making things fun

This goes without saying but patience is key when filming children.  However, this doesn’t mean you need to be too serious.  Working well with children in any medium, not just videography and filmmaking, is all about engaging them in the right way.  Of course you need to get key information over to them so you get the right response.  However, if you can do this is a fun way that keeps them entertained then you’re on to a winner.

Golden moments happen naturally

I never like to over direct young people.  This is because children (at least on my video shoots) some to naturally come up with gold moments you simply couldn’t plan for.  These sometimes end up being the best bits in the films you’re making.  So with this in mind, leave some breathing room and let children express themselves naturally.  You’ll get way more personality and some fantastic organic moments.

That special film set feeling

Never underestimate the special feeling of the film set.  As a videographer or filmmaker in London, this may be your day to day.  However, for a child, here we have a new an exciting world to explore.e. The world of video production and filmmaking!  Bring along your clapper board, get them to operate it and watch how special it makes them feel.  This can lighten mood and enable them to feel comfortable enough to express themselves in the wonderful way that children do on film!

By Paul Bates, on Feb 7th, 2024, 0 Comments