How videographers capture magic moments

Being a videographer involves more than just understanding how to use a camera well.  As a videographer based in London, one can film all kinds of content such as events or documentary style b-roll.  These kind of filming jobs often involve less controlled environments.  When you see a video from these jobs that look amazing, it often leaves you asking how videographers capture magic moments so well.

Surveying the location

When presented with an environment with uncontrolled elements, one of the first things you can do is to survey the environment.  What does that mean?  This means looking around and finding the little pockets where the space works really work well visually.  This could be a space near windows where the light is just right or maybe interesting architecture taht you can position yourself behind to get some real depth of field.  Often with events, you are in the same space all day so finding the little golden pockets of goodness will serve you well for a days filming.

Using your Spidy senses

Sometimes you might find a great space to film but you’re just not getting the reaction you want from people on film.  Maybe you don’t check for this and realise later when you look at the rushes.  Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait until you really get the movement and facial expression that will make the shot.  Sometimes this means using your instinct and going with your Spidy senses when it comes to pulling focus or moving the camera and following the action.

After many years of filming as an experienced videographer, you will naturally start noticing how most people move.  This helps you more easily capture those magic moments and golden shots.  Inevitably this will make you a better filmmaker and make better videos.


By Paul Bates, on Feb 20th, 2024, 0 Comments