How to create a product video

Product videos are a large part of being a videographer.  After working as a London based videographer for more than 15 years I have created many different product videos.  Here are a few tips to help create an amazing product film.

Why create a product video

Product videos are essential when it comes to promoting your product.  In 2022 where video is king, a film showcasing your product is one of the best ways to promote your product.  You can create something quirky and eye catching that will make people want to find out more.  The amazing thing is that you can promote it via social media.  Not that long ago it would have cost a pretty penny to air an advert on TV.  If you make something that unique and fun, it will get traction and it will get plays.  That leads people to seeing your product.

How to create an amazing product film

If you truly believe in your product, then you’re going to want to make the best possible video.  This will give you the best chance of getting your product out there.  With that in mind you are going to want to work with an expert.  Someone who will make your product look great and realise your vision.  You need to work with someone who believes in your product to and understands it.  This way they will have a passion for creating a film that truly encapsulates your product.  We pride ourselves on having this kind of outlook on every project we work on.  It’s one of the reasons we love doing what we do so much.

An example of a product video

Below are a few frames from a recent animal related product we filmed a product video for.  What kind of product video do you want to create?


By Paul Bates, on Jan 27th, 2022, 0 Comments