How to become a videographer in London

As a professional filmmaker with over 15 years experience, I wanted to put together some of my top tips on how to become a videographer in London.  I often get emails from budding film students asking for help on how to crack the industry.  With that in mind, this article covers some of those key questions you might have.

Getting started

So you like the idea of making films but where do you start? In my eyes there are two routes.  You have film school and you have a self taught route.  Both have positives and negatives.  I came up through the self taught route.  I didn’t want to spend any more time or money on learning and I like the idea of picking up a camera and learning. how to use it.  If you’re going the self taught route that’s really the starting point.  Pickup a camera and start making videos.  If you have a passion for it and a thirst to learn, you’ll keep at it, working out how to improve each film you make.  Eventually you’ll end up with a reel of footage that coudl help you land your first job.

I also know people who came up through studying film.  They came out of school and started running on film sets and building their skill set that way.  In one regarding, I feel that film school will help you work on actual films, music videos and high end commercials.  Self taught for me feels more geared towards producing online content, promo videos and corporate films.

Where to look for jobs?

This is another question I get asked a lot.  Looking to make face to face connections with people in the industry feels the most important to me.  An email, can simply be another email in an age where we’re all inundated with emails.  Film networking events, hire houses and production companies are good places to try and make connections.  How about if you’re looking for some small commissioned work?  Online there are a number of filmmaking job resources such as Mandy and Shooting People.  I remember getting jobs from these sources when I first started out.  Of course once you’re well established as a great videographer the work will come to you. Hopefully these tips will help you understand how to become a videographer in London.

By Paul Bates, on Apr 14th, 2023, 0 Comments