Freelance videographer and filmmaker

Working as a freelance videographer and filmmaker in London is an incredibly diverse and interesting career.  For me it’s more than a job, in my passion and crafting incredible films for my clients is always my priority.  Creating videos that actually make a difference and deliver is a means of me knowing that I am doing my job correctly.

What does a freelance videographer and filmmaker do?

Working as a videographer in London involves video-production from inception through to delivery.  This involves coming up with the concepts, writing scripts, casting talent, assembling crew, storyboarding, organising the schedule and finally filming and editing the video.  As you can clearly see there is a lot to be done before we even press record.  I actually find the filming days the most enjoyable part of the process.  This is because we have the film down on paper.  We’ve done the hard work to get to that point and now the videography part of it is simply delivering on that vision that’s been created.

My career as a videographer

I’m actually self taught in video-production.  I started out making films with friends which helped grow my initial interest.  It was that passion that helped me craft a career in the sector I love.  It’s a form of expression and incredibly creative and these were the attributes that drew me to the world of film.  Shortly after this, I landed a job in a government production house where I was filming tax seminars.  This is where I learnt the technical side of cameras, lighting and video-editing.  Two years later, I had left and I setup my own thing.  This enabled me to focus my energies on some really interesting and creative projects that I care about.  Being a videographer has taken me all over the world to every continent with the exception of Antarctica.  I’ve also met some incredible people and had the privilege of capturing their story and lives through the lens.

By Paul Bates, on Apr 2nd, 2023, 0 Comments