Finding your place in the video production field

So you know you want to work in video production or within the filmmaking world. So what kind of role do you want to end up in? As a professional videographer in London I often get asked for advice on breaking into the industry. So how do you go about finding your place in the video production field at the start of your career?

Where do you start?

The video production industry has gone through huge change over the last few years.  Arguably the industry is still going through more changes today.   So in this fast paced changing world of filmmaking where do you start?  One great change in the industry is that there is a growing demand.  Video content online is hugely popular and with that comes more work for us videographers and video experts.

In the corporate video world another change I’ve seen is that some clients aren’t using video production companies with large offices and a numerable staff roster.  They are going with smaller companies who dont have these overheads.  As a result they can provide effective video production on a smaller budget but that still looks fantastic.  Of course there is a place for the bigger production companies to handle the huge productions but with this in mind, it’s a great time to start a self shooter and build your career this way.

Starting as a self shooter and progressing to a bigger entity

I started as a self shooter more than 15 years ago now.  I made this leap after two years working in house at a production company.  This for me was a great entry to the industry.  I learnt the ropes and even learned how to use a camera and all the other kit and toys properly.  I began freelancing on the side and once I had built up a large client base by either freelancing for different production companies or working direct for clients, I left and went full time on my own.  This is a huge step but the time felt right.  Once I made this leap I never looked back.  Fast forward 15 years and I now own a video production company with a small number of staff and crew I rely on for all our shoots.

By Paul Bates, on Sep 3rd, 2023, 0 Comments