Finding your niche as a videographer in London

Videography covers a huge variety of different niches.  With that in mind, how do you go about finding your niche as a videographer in London.

Do you even need a niche?

The first question usually asked is why you would even need a niche with a field like videography?  What benefit would this bring you and can’t you just do a bit of everything?  Further more, can you not be a jack of all trades and also a master of them all too?  Yes and no is the short answer to that.  The longer answer is at the start it’s going to take a large amount of experience in the videography field before you are an expert in every single field.  People are more likely to hire you as the person who is great at making a certain type of film.  They know you’ve delivered this for previous clients and you’re likely to create something similar for them.

Where to start

I started out filming more short promos in a documentary style for small shops and brands.  I spent time getting good at this and then slowly moved into fashion after my lighting got better and people took note.  Eventually I started working on larger corporate jobs for bigger brands and filming longer documentary films and commercials.  This took a lot of time before I ended up there though.   The fact of the matter is that I spent a lot of time honing my craft.  This was also a lot of fun because I was learning all the time whilst subconsciously knowing I was making progress.  By the time I honed my skills to an expert level, a variety of work was on offer for me.  Of course this is a fantastic situation to be in.

Finding your niche as a videographer in London

Essentially this was about skill level but also contacts and reliability. If you have that motivation you will get to the point where you can be master in many different niches within videography.

By Paul Bates, on Oct 17th, 2023, 0 Comments