Exhibition promotional video

As a filmmaker creating video content in London I often get asked to create videos of exhibitions. London is a hub for incredible art and history.   It’s no surprise that exhibition videos have become a regular occurrence for us videographers here in London.

Creating something eye catching

An exhibition promotional video that stands out and that will bring people in to the exhibitions is what we aim for.  So how can this be achieved? There are two key elements that is really comes down to. These are a solid and interesting interview and some amazing visuals that wow the audience.

The interview for an Exhibition promotional video

The purpose of the interview is to give the film a narrative. The classic check list of who, where, what, when and how pretty much cover it. It’s not quite that simple though.  Over time you get an idea of what sounds good and what works. What kind of things draw the audience in and make it sound interesting? This is what we should be looking for.

Visually, something interesting is of course essential. Over time you learn which area of an exhibition will work well for an interview.  I tend to go for a two camera setup.  One tighter with lot’s of depth and more cinematic.  A second would be wider showing off some of the exhibition.

Accompanying visuals

So you now have an an amazing narrative interview but you’ll need some visuals to match.  This really is the fun bit. I love to ,is up styles by having locked of still art style shots mixed with ,loving gimbal visuals.  This really gives a nice contrast in the edit.

With lighting during the b-roll I tend to bring in some light where needed. However I tend not to over do it and remain true to the exhibition.  We are in the era of low light cameras after all.

Wrap up – Exhibition promotional video

I would love to hear what kind of exhibition videos you’ve made or if you’re looking for an exhibition video you can always touch base with. us.  Working with an expert video team should always get you a better result!

By Paul Bates, on Sep 23rd, 2022, 0 Comments