Event Videographer

Are you looking for an event videographer in London for an upcoming event? I’ve been working as a videographer in many disciplines for the past fifteen years.  One of our specialities is events.

Type of events

No matter what kind of event you need covering, we have it covered.  This includes larger events with presentations to hundreds of people or smaller more intimate events.  We’ve filmed at some of the top hotels and locations across London and the UK.  These  include the London O2, Wembley, the Hilton and many many more. We travel up and down the country and have covered shoots in London, Cornwall, Liverpool, Manchester, Aberdeen in Scotland and Swansea in Wales.  We’re happy to cover your job wherever it is locate din the UK.

The team

We have a great team of professional video experts who can cover pretty much everything you an imagine when it comes to events.  You need someone you can trust and we are experts.  Need live streaming? We have it covered, so if you wanted to live stream your event to an online audience, we have it covered.  We can cover live vision mixing.  So for instance if you wanted to show a detailed view on a screen to a live audience at the event we can do it.  We also cover events where you need presentations filmed in full but might also want interviews and general b-role materials.  We are experts air this too!  You can check out one of our favourite events here.

Your event videographer

Choosing your the right event videographer is key to capturing your day successfully on video and making things runs smoothly.  Working with an experienced video team you can trust will help put you at ease.  As a result you can focus on what you need to be doing, knowing that an expert team has got the video side of things covered.

By Paul Bates, on Oct 10th, 2022, 0 Comments