VFC Video Production

We’ve been working on video productions flat out in London and up and down the country over the past month.  One of our latest projects was a documentary style video production for new plant based food brand, VFC.

A documentary style video production

As a videographer based in London, you end up working on all kinds of different video productions.  One style we particularly enjoy is documentary style videos.  Documentary is essentially real life and based on facts.  As a result, these kind of films just have a different level of emotion for me.  This particular project was no different and really held a huge amount of emotion.

The brand and story

This project was for plant based food brand VFC.  VFC offer incredible plant based alternatives to fried chicken.  I actually got to try the product before I worked on the project and its nothing short of incredible.  For me it was the best plant based chicken on the market as the flavours and texture are fantastic.  With the increased negative effects of global warming becoming more prominent, plant based is clearly a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the planet.  Not only that but its better for the animals too and that is a big part of the VFC mantra.

We were interviewing an ultra endurance runner who is plant based.  A short trip East of London and we were at the house of this ultra endurance marathon runner.  He runs incredible distances upto 250 miles and his latest race is for an amazing charity called Food for Life who feed the most impoverished with plant based foods.  However, this was not the only story to be told here.  He was also an ex-butcher and ex-slaughterhouse worker.  As a result, this story was about his experience in the industry and why he had gone vegan!

The end result

In conclusion, we ended up telling an amazingly emotional story through this video.  We hope that more people will buy plant based alternatives after watching this!

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By Paul Bates, on May 8th, 2021, 0 Comments