Diamond Store Video

Earlier in the month we headed over to North London to film a video promo for The Diamond Store. The Diamond Store are conflict free diamond jewellery company.

Filming diamonds

When you film a video with diamonds, it’s almost an art in itself and requires real knowledge of how to place the lighting. The hardest part is getting a soft radiant light on the model but a harder light on the diamonds. As a result the diamonds sparkle when the hard light hits them. This is the exact look you would want to show the diamonds off. We used a some Arri Skypanels and giant frames with grids to soften the light. We also had some harder spot LED’s to light the diamonds.

The kit

This was one of the larger setups we did and required a big crew. I had a team of sparks and camera assistants to help achieve the look we were going for. Camera wise we use the brand new Canon C300 MKIII. This is an amazing camera and we really benefited from the autofocus and built in image stabilisation. We also used a dolly and track to add some longer moving shots. This combined with the autofocus made for some very unique and powerful shots that just looked high end.


The London based location was a huge property which gave us plenty of flexibility for interesting backgrounds. We checked the location out before the filming day so we could work out a lighting plan. This meant when we turned up on the filming day we were able to hit the ground running. The end result was a very high end looking film that showcased the product in a beautiful way. You can see a few frames from the film below which is now live over on the Diamond store Youtube channel and website.

By Paul Bates, on Dec 21st, 2020, 0 Comments