Creating a treatment for your video productions

A series of three images showcasing video productions from a dramatic theatrical dance, an audience member and a family consisting of a mother, granddaughter and grandmother looking to camera.

Videographers, especially those based in London can take on some fantastically large projects. So where is the starting point for these projects? Do you just turn up and start filming or is there more to creating a video than this?

A starting point

As with all of my videography projects, I like to really take time to think about the assignment in more detail.  A well thought out and conscious approach will always yield better results when it comes to making a film.  So where do you start?  My starting point is always thinking about how to create a great treatment for each and every video project.

A starting point for creating a treatment for your video productions

So what is a treatment?  A treatment will the foundations for your film project.  It will essentially showcase the film on paper before you make it.  This is a fantastic way to work and as a result you will and your client will know every variable for the video.  This gives both of you a clear vision and goal to work towards for when you press record.

So what kind of things do you include in a treatment?  Treatments can include narratives and emotional arches that you intend for the audience to feel.  They can include things such as set design, colour schemes, lighting plans, visual references and dialogue for the cast.  In essence it breaks down every element of your film and gives a clear direction.  One of my personal favourite aspects of a treatment is showcasing specific shots.  These could be for key moments in the video.  You can mention camera movement, framing and lighting for certain scenes.  For larger projects we’ll even storyboard the film so our clients understand exactly what’s happening on screen.

Any expert videographer who is working in London and around the UK should be using treatments for their clients.  This is also a great way to elevate your productions to the next level and seamlessly work with your client to produce a fantastic video production.

By Paul Bates, on Nov 1st, 2023, 0 Comments