Creating a successful video pitch

A less frequent request I tend to receive as a London based videographer are video pitches.  So is there a formula to creating a successful video pitch?  Although one of the less frequent video project requests, I have made quite a few now and there is something I’ve noticed about the most successful ones.

Why use video for a pitch?

Video has become one of the most frequently used mediums of communication whether that is direct video via a live stream or a pre-recorded film.  Some pitches are actually now 100% video only.  Beyond this, a video could be the defining part of your pitch and enable you to stand out from the competitors.  Maybe your CEO can’t be at the in person pitch but a video message from them would really show that your company cares and impress the judges.

A recipe for creating a successful pitch

SO let’s get down to it.  How do you maximise your chances of creating a successful video pitch.  The first thing I like to look at is a script.  Writing a script will make you really think about what you want to say and ensure you don’t miss anything out.  Our autocue is used most weeks and as long as you can deliver confidently a pre-written script and a autocue will help you nail your pitch.  I love to think of an emotional pull but beyond this, a genuine angle.  What is authentic about your business pitch?  Authenticity is something people love to see so it’s worth using this to your advantage.  Is there a link to family?  Did you go on a life journey to get where you are?  Think about your story and tell it well.

Music is another consideration.  It has the ability to move people and evoke emotion.  I love to play with this and find a track that will hopefully make the audience engage on an emotion level.



By Paul Bates, on Oct 9th, 2023, 0 Comments