Computer game promo video

Computer game promo video

Life as a London based videographer really does give an opportunity for a variety of work. Corporate video production makes up a large chunk of our work. However we also create film work in different genres.  These could be music videos, documentary films, promo videos or even a computer game promo video which was the case most recently.

A stylised filmic computer game promo video

We recently provided camera and lighting design for a promo for a Nintendo Switch game.  The nature of the game meant we had a look to draw inspiration from.  This was a moody dark lit style which we loved creating.

Using soft lights and lots of flags to shape the light, we really had to light this one carefully in order to create the look.  We started out with blocking all light from the studio to have a blank canvas. From here we could pick out the areas we wanted to light.

The equipment

Lighting wise we used a mix of Sky Panels for power and lite matts for getting in tight spaces.  We also used lots of practicals such as lanterns which we placed Aputure lights in.
For the camera gear we used all Canon cameras including their top of the line cinema cameras  We even had a dolly and track to get some moving shots.

The result

The final video was a computer game promo that looked like a TV advert or film.  We loved creating this high end look and know this will be a portfolio piece for some years to come.

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By Paul Bates, on Aug 4th, 2022, 0 Comments