Commercial quality videography

With the rapid technological development of camera equipment it’s now feasible to create commercial quality videography on a much smaller scale than ever before.  The days of having huge crews on corporate jobs have rapidly declined and it’s now common to have a crew of between 1 and 3 people on a lot of jobs.  There is of course a place for bigger crews when using cinema cameras on film sets but the corporate world doesn’t necessarily require that level of production.

Achieving commercial quality videography

So what kind of technology do we have that enables us to capture high end looking glossy videos?  The real game changers in the technology have been the size and weight of cameras, autofocus and invention of the gimbal.  From the perspective of someone who films corporate jobs week in, week out I know these make a huge difference when on set.

Fatigue would play a part when cameras were huge and heavy but now you can have a gimbal setup with autofocus that weighs less than the big cameras of 15 years ago.  This setup is actually my favourite way to capture material.  Enable your AF and start moving the camera smooth on the gimbal and taking your audience on a journey.  It would have taken 3 or 4 people to do what one person now does today.

Your clients will thank you

At the end of the day it’s all about your clients being happy with what you’ve created.  Of course you have your artistic vision and apply this but if your client is pleased you know they’ll come back again which is important.  Using all these tools and techniques to create a visually engaging and dynamic film is truly incredible.  It’s not uncommon now that I will fly a drone, use a gimbal and use cinema lenses on the same shoot.  What’s the end result?  A video that has true diversity in terms of range of shots and a high production value that encompasses commercial quality videography.


By Paul Bates, on Jun 30th, 2023, 0 Comments