Choosing the right videographer for your project

Businesses all over world use video production to help guide potential clients to their products and services. However how do you go about choosing the right videographer for your project? Is it purely the end result you’re interested in or is there more to choosing an amazing videographer.  In this article we look at why, as videographer, it’s important to go beyond just delivering the video.

Why look beyond a videographers portfolio of work?

So you’ve seen someone’s incredible portfolio of videos and films.  Maybe there is even a film that is close to what you’re looking to create yourself.  However, is this enough to go on, to book a videographer?   A true professional will deliver a service that goes beyond the final film.  In a way this helps separates one videographer from another.  So what else can you offer a client beyond the end film.

For me a smooth process is key.  Maybe a client is delivered the film that they wanted in the first place but if it was a bumpy ride they might not have enjoyed the process as much as they could have.   What makes a smooth process then?  It’s about client relationships and making them feel like you’ve even gone beyond what they expected.  This doesn’t mean you need to bend over backwards to achieve this.  This is something that can be built into the pre-production process.  A great videographer will ensure they are thorough in establishing what their client wants.  This makes it easy to provide a list of what is and isn’t included.  As a result the client should also end up with the film they wanted to make.  Everyone is happy and a great relationship is established.  After all, if you deliver the film they wanted and its’ a smooth ride, they should come back again for the next video.

Hopefully this gives some insight and helps with choosing the right videographer for your project.



By Paul Bates, on Dec 5th, 2023, 0 Comments