Chester Barrie – SS17 campaign film

Last week I took a trip south of London to the South coast to film the a campaign video for Chester Barrie of Savile Row.

Filming a campaign film

We’ve filmed a lot of campaign films in the past. Some for womenswear, some for menswear and some even for make-up looks. This was a campaign video for Chestier Barrie. They are a menswear brand located on Savile Row in London and renowned for their incredible suits.

With the sun out for the final part of summer we had the perfect weather to film the video. The setup was using one model to showcases each of the different suits in different setting around the location. Talking of which, the location was beautiful mansion located right on the beach front on the South Coast. It had a large outside area with a swimming pool. As a result we were able to pick and choose from plenty of areas within the location.

The setup for a campaign video

This was a more complex way of filming as we actually had to film alongside the photographer who was capturing the photos for the campaign. As a result, we didn’t have as long as we’d usually have to film. However we were able to work quickly to get what we needed captured on video.

We filed the entire project on a gimbal setup. This was a larger setup as it was a Sony FS700 and Odyssey 7Q. We opted for lots of slow motion. I love the way clothes look in slow motion. They move in a certain way that is just mesmerising. It also adds a real bit of production value that just looks high end.

The end result

In conclusion, we managed to capture a great campaign film on video. I can’t share any stills showing the clothing but keep an eye out for the campaign film coming out in the coming months.

By Paul Bates, on Sep 20th, 2016, 0 Comments