Building a videographers portfolio

Imagery from a video portfolio

People often ask how do you become a successful videographer in London.  One thing that will help you bring in video work is a great portfolio.  So how do you go about building a videographers portfolio?


A staring point that can grab attention is a fantastic showreel that showcases all your films.  You have an opportunity here to create something super engaging that could make the audience have no choice but to watch on.  I love finding those key golden moments and combining them to create a great showreel.  We have ours playing on the front of our website so it’s the first thing people see when they land on the web page.  I find variety here key, showcasing the depth and breadth of your work in a something that could be 60 seconds.

Your portfolio page

The next call once someone’s seen a great showreel is of course taking a deeper dive into specific projects.  I feel this is where a client can really gauge what they could potentially produce by working with you.  We like to split our video portfolio into categories.  This way clients can find a film most similar to the one they might like to create.  Of course, your work may lean more heavily on certain sectors more than others.  However, I have found over the years you have the opportunity to create videos in many different fields.  This adds a diversity to your work and shows just how much of an expert videographer you are.  As time goes on, your portfolio can be perfected.  Videos you once thought were some of your best work will naturally become obsolete.  This is a great sign that your work is improving and along with it, your video portfolio.

How to test you’re correctly building a videographers portfolio

The test really comes when you turn those website visits into jobs.  How many of the quotes you’re putting together come back as jobs?  How many repeat clients do you get?  You can use these tests to adjust the strategy for your videography and filming business and try to make it as successful as possible.

By Paul Bates, on Oct 2nd, 2023, 0 Comments