Behind the scenes videography

Exciting visuals from a behind the scenes video shoot

I vividly remember when behind the scenes videography became a very popular request in the filmmaking world, especially in London.  Around the time that DSLRs started offering video, we were all of a sudden able to shoot great looking behind the scenes films for clients that looked great.  DSLR’s were much cheaper than traditional camcorders and you could stick on proper stills lenses and get some great depth of field in your images.  All of a sudden businesses could show an exciting, genuine and organic  glimpse into their world.  This was very popular amongst the fashion and beauty industry and many of the first projects I filmed around 15 years ago were in this sector.

Modern behind the scenes videography

Roll on 15 years from when DSLRs made capturing behind the scenes videos much more attainable and we have a different style of behind the scenes video being made.  Now we have a whole new array of toys to film these kind of projects.  Gimbals give us movement, portable sound ear means we can capture high end audio and even tiny little drones mean you can grab some aerial location shots where possible.  In essence the production value has risen along with he popularity of showing your customers what happens behind closed doors.

Why its so popular

I would still class behind the scenes videos as one of the more popular video requests along with corporate films, documentary style videos, social media content, fashion films and videos within the arts and charity sectors.  Having the ability to show your audience how you make a product, shoot a campaign or create a look is a great way of connecting with them.  Not only that, but you’re doing it in an organic and genuine way.  In business that counts for a Loy these days.  Customers want to know if you’re ethical as a business or what your impact on the planet is when you make your product.  Video is a great way of showcasing how you do what you do and building an audience at the same time.

Circus performer during a behind the scenes video shoot

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