Wedding video production

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of organising the filming for a wedding video of a lovely couple, Aggie and Daryal.

Filming a wedding video

Filming wedding videos are a real art. Once upon a time they were handled by the someones brother or uncle with their cheap home video style handy cam. Move forward 15 years and wedding videos have turned into a real art. The wedding video industry is a booming industry, however it’s also one of the most difficult to do well.

Firstly, with wedding videos you only have one shot. You don’t have a chance to re-film something or for something to go wrong. As a result, preparation is key!

Preparation for filming a wedding video

Firstly, you need to check your kit. Always take multiple camera bodies. A feral, if one fails, you have a backup. The same goes for sound gear. Have multiple microphones. For the ceremony, mount one to the bride and one to groom. If one dies you should get something useable from the other. For speeches you have the opportunity to mount two microphones on the table. Basically the approach should be to make everything fail safe.

When it comes to crew, you should always have two of you. Again this gives you a get our of jail free card if something goes wrong. However this also give you way more options in post and makes for a more interesting end result. Another great tip is to dual record. Some cameras have two memory cards built in but put it out onto an external recorder if not. I can’t even imagine having a corrupt card and loosing all of the fruits of your labour. Thats not an easy one to explain to your client!

What we produced

As a result of all our fail safe preparation, Aggie and Daryal’s wedding went without a hiccup. They tied the knot at a picturesque venue in Buckinghamshire. With the sun shining they couldn’t have asked for a better day to get married. Weddings aren’t something I do too often but I really enjoyed working with this couple and I hope I get to work with some similar couples in the future.

In conclusion, always prepare when you’re filming a wedding. One of the best companies in the UK right now for wedding videos is the Wedding Filmmakers. Its run by a great couple who have become great friends of ours over the years. We certainly look up to their style of wedding videos and always look to them for inspiration. If you’re looking for theist wedding videos in the UK, I would highly recommend them!

By Paul Bates, on Oct 1st, 2012, 0 Comments