Videographer kit essentials

Building a career as a videographer and filmmaker means you usually build up camera kit at the same time.  At the start of a videography career you might only have a camera, tripod, a lens and a lapel mic.  However over time, every job means different requirements.  Being a videographer in London means an especially diverse array of work.  So what videographer kit essentials do I almost always carry with me?

Videographer kit essentials recommendations

Over many years of working as a London based videographer and freelance filmmaker I have come across some fantastic bits of kit.  These are pieces of kit that I couldn’t believe I lived without when I found them.  They are super useful pieces of kit that have made my work better and easier to carry out.


The first piece of kit is a reflector.  This is such a basic piece of kit but one that I know a lot of filmmakers and videographers don’t even own.  For outside filming this is essential.  The difference between bounding light on talent and not bouncing any light is colossal.  A piece of kit as simple as a reflector can make your imagery look super professional.  However this piece of kit is not only for outside scenarios.  Inside for interviews or even filming b-roll around offices, the reflector goes a long way.  Time after time, I’ll use a reflector as the fill light during interviews where I would like a bit more shape.  At around £20 for a medium size reflector, this definitely makes the essentials list.

Superclamp & magic arm

The next piece of kit is actually two pieces of kit taht work together.  Have you ever been on set and wished you could rig a light somewhere to get a good backlight? However you also know the stand will be in shot if you do so. Well the super clamp and magic arm could solve this issue.  Albeit you will need somewhere to clamp to but if you have a spare edge, curtain rod or steel beam in a room you could clamp to it.  this could enable you to get that backlight in and enhance the film you’re creating.  Don’t forget to use a soft cloth to put between the clamp and what yo’e clamping to ensure you don’t damage anything.  Often these clamps can also be used for mounting monitors to tripods and even holding a reflector in place.  I never leave the house without one and its permanently housed in my tripod case.




By Paul Bates, on May 7th, 2024, 0 Comments