Student Accommodation Video

Being a videographer in London takes you all around the country.  This week was no different as we found ourselves taking a trip from London to Colchester to film some new accommodation videos for the local university.

Creating an accommodation walkthrough video

It seems walkthrough videos are hot right now as our latest video project was another walkthrough film but this time to showcase some student accommodation.  What better way to show off accommodation in the age of covid than a video?  That was our task on this project.  We had various different sized apartments and living spaces to capture on video for this one.  In addition we also captured a series of communal areas such as a cinema room, study area and canteen.  The key for walkthrough films is in the same.  It’s all about showing a clear walkthrough of the areas.  Mix this with some nicely framed pickup shots and you have winning recipes for a great video.

The kit used to film the video

For this project we had our trusty Canon R5 combined with our flagship Canon C300 MkIII.  The R5 sits perfectly on our new DJI-RS2 gimbal for those smooth walking shots.  The C300 then picks up the additional pickup shots as well as capturing the interview.  We love this camera combination and the video they produce is just stunning.  This was a long days filming.  As a result you can often feel tried part way through the day.  However, with the R5 being so light we were able to film all day long without slowing down.  This was one of the main reasons to invest in this camera.

The final video

In conclusion, we created a fantastic video that showcase the accommodation in a fun and engaging way that would appeal to students.  Of course the main goal was to show all the features and details which these videos do very nicely.

By Paul Bates, on Apr 12th, 2021, 0 Comments