School video production

We took a journey out of London to film a new promotional video for a school in Essex. We’ve filmed quite a few school videos over the past year and are now very experienced filming with children and in educational settings. Funnily enough, school videos were some of the first videos we started filming back when we first started up over twelve years ago! With Covid it hasn’t been possible to hold open evenings. The use of video has been very useful for schools to relay information to parents and potential new students.

How we filmed

When filming a new promotional video for a school we like to film a mix of interviews and b-roll video material. This is both teachers and students. As a result we end up with a great variety of content. We show a broad range of subjects and activities in the school. We mainly film with a gimbal to get lots of movement in the video. With these kind of videos we have to work quickly. As a result, we use light kit that can be setup very fast which is a huge benefit. Its a benefit to use smaller DSLR type cameras that can be ready at the push of a button. We work with the Panasonic S1H which is powerful but small. Smaller but powerful LED lights are a must for these kind of shoots. For this particular shoot we used our F&V Z800s lights. These just work very well in small spaces creating a powerful but very oft light.

End result

Video is becoming a fantastic medium to communicate messages. I know we will be filming more and more within school and educational settings. The end result is a dynamic and fun video that showcases the school. The video has had some fantastic feedback from both teachers and parents and is a hit with the children!

By Paul Bates, on Dec 28th, 2020, 0 Comments