School fund raising video

Life as a videographer based in London is a vessel to experience all walks of life.  Over the years we’ve created films on all kinds of subjects in many different countries.  One of our most recent projects was a fund raising video for a school based just just outside of London, in Essex.

A high end fund raising video

The brief for this one was to create a high end looking video with emotion that would really help the school get the fund raising they required to transform their facilities.  With this in mind, we filmed a variety of interviews, not just with school teachers but also with local residents.  This would help get a variety of perspectives across and certainly help with he emotional element of the story.  As well as more formal interviews, we also did some documentary style pieces to camera that broke the conventional style of filming but ended up working very well.  As a result we had something very genuine and engaging.

In terms of b-roll we had the drone up, gimbal on the ground level and the long 300mm lens to capture this great moment without people being aware the camera is on them.  This mix came together very nicely to give us a diverse range of shots to choose from.

The end result

In conclusion, the end result was a very powerful film.  We even had the end client crying with emotion on the phone saying it was far beyond what she coudl have ever imagined.  A great result especially as this is a fund raising video.  We know the emotional feel of the film will help people truly understand the issues being highlighted.  The film is now live and being shared so fingers crossed the fund raising comes through.  The school wants to build outdoor classrooms using tree houses and make the site accessible during weekends for parents who need somewhere safe to exercise and socialise.


By Paul Bates, on Oct 18th, 2021, 0 Comments