Scholarships video

We took a trip out of London and up north to film a new filmmaking project on Chemistry Scholarships for the RSC.

A unique filmmaking project

One of the great things about being a videographer and filmmaker is that you get to travel all of the place. As a result I’ve been lucky enough to travel to most corners of the world. From Oman, to Australia, to Singapore, South Africa Guatemala and even Bali. Travelling is just part of the job. Sometimes, however we do some really long distance jobs here in the UK. One of the longer trips I’ve done was up to York for the most recent RSC filming job.

We travelled up the night before and got a good nights rest before starting a full day in the morning. This was a jam packed day. It was full of interviews and capturing interesting video content in the labs and seminar sessions. The aim of the video was to highlight the scholarship programme the RSC offers chemistry students. One of the highlights was capturing some science experiments that created all kinds of amazing visuals. The flames on the Bunsen burners were my favourite. Of course we opted to film these in super slow motion.

We had a dual camera setup for this one with our FS700 and Odyssey 7Q handheld. Our Panasonic S1H on the gimbal to capture some great moving shots. The labs are a great location. They are usually very large and we opted to film the interviews in a lab. As a result we achieved a lovely depth of field.

The results

In conclusion, we created a fantastic promo video with some amazing visuals due to the nature of what we were filming. This video will be going into post production later this week and will be ready for release in the coming months.

By Paul Bates, on Feb 26th, 2020, 0 Comments