Royal Hospital Documentary Film

I’ve just wrapped up the filming for a new documentary film for the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

A very special documentary Film

The Royal Hospital is simply an incredible institute. Supporting our veterans and giving them an amazing opportunity to live with other veterans. This is the third project I’ve worked don for the Royal Hospital and every time is is a real honour. The experience is always humbling and I always meet incredible people who’s stories always stay with me.

Earlier in the year I shot their FA cup advert spot and one of their campaign films prior to that. As a result, I know the location and brand well enough to understand exactly what they’re looking for. This time we headed back to their west London base to film a documentary style video on the MTI and the kind of care the war veterans recieve there.

The filming process

We were blessed with a perfect sunny day for this project. The sun really does make all the difference visually. This is especially true when the subject is quite heavy and you want to take the edge off. We filmed a mixture of locations both outside and inside the hospital. Outside locations included their gardens, golf course and bowling green. Inside we filmed a variety of the services they offer.

My setup was a mix of handheld and gimbal. I had a second operator on this shoot so I was able to hand the gimbal shots over to him whilst I focused on the handheld detailed shots. As a result, we ended up with a great mix of material that would make for a diverse video.

The end result

In conclusion, we captured the location and service of the Royal Hospital in a dynamic and engaging way. I’m just starting the editing process for the project with the aim of completing the film during October. This will definitely be one of the most special videos I have ever worked on.

By Paul Bates, on Sep 26th, 2017, 0 Comments