New Homes Video

We were lucky enough to provide the videography for a series of new videos for some newly built homes located just outside London. The videos showcase different sized houses varying from two bedroom houses to four bedroom houses.

How we filmed

We filmed these using a mix of gimbal shots using a smaller Canon Eos-r on a dii-ronin gimbal. This was a lovely small and light setup with fantastic autofocus capabilities. We also filmed a second angle using a tripod based setup with a Canon C200. One very useful piece for kit for these videos was the autofocus on the cameras. Its a result we were able to fall back on the autofocus knowing it will be pin sharp. This is due to the amazing facial recognition on the cameras! It’s incredible how the technology ha come on in the past few years.


With the lighting for these videos we wanted to create some soft bright lighting. We bounced some high powered LED lights off the ceilings which cerated a large soft source. Specifically we used the Aputure 300D which is a very powerful small LED light. Lighting is such an important part of creating good looking video and really separates average work from amazing work.

End result

As a result we created series of fantastic videos that showcased these houses and all their features. It’s always our aim to please the clients and go beyond their expectations. We take every project just as seriously as the last and put our years of experience into crafting a unique end result. We really pride ourselves on this way of working and know our clients are happy to work with a team who can deliver every project. The films are live now on Youtube. They can be viewed over on Youtube and can be viewed online.

By Paul Bates, on Jan 11th, 2021, 0 Comments