Massage videos

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive period! We’re slowly getting back to work now the new year has began! Right at the end of December we managed to fit in one last shoot for 2015. This was in the shape of a massage video.

Creating a massage video

As someone who lifts lots of heavy camera gear and lighting on a weekly basis, I fully understand the importance of a massage. A good massage can make you feel a million dollars. Its rejuvenating as someone who does lots of physical work, it can help get rid of those nasty knots.

We headed over to west London to film this series of massage videos for an incredibly talented masseuse called Susie! She had a wonderful setup in her room. The ambience was abundant. From beautiful candles to the amazing scent of incense burning. The feeling of her massage room was simply wonderful. However, it was our job to capture this ambience in a way that truly reflected it.

How we filmed the videos

The first thing with a massage video is the lighting. We created some lovely super soft lighting. Firstly I used a couple of very soft and radiant soft boxes. These would give some nice light levels. Secondly we added some candles and salt lamps to create the true relaxing ambience.

Filming the massages, we used a mix of slow motion and regular motion. In addition, we went for a mix of wide and tight shots. This included some macro shots thats really showed the detail. As a result we ended up with a great mix of video clips. In addition, we filmed some gimbal shots to add some movement to the videos.

The final videos

In conclusion, we created a great series of relaxing massage videos. However, now it’s the end of the year, we think we deserve a good massage ourselves. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2016 holds. Keep an eye on our blog to follow our adventures throughout the year!


By Paul Bates, on Jan 2nd, 2016, 0 Comments