London apartment walkthrough video

We were over in West London earlier in the week filming a new property walkthrough video showcasing a lovely West London apartment.

Creating a property walkthrough video

Video seems to becoming the preferred medium in many fields. One field we’ve recently been doing a lot of video work for is for the sale of properties. Walkthrough videos of properties have become more and more popular over the past few years. We’ve had many requests coming in for property walkthroughs to aid the sale of properties. This particular property was located in West London.

Filming style

We film the majority of walkthrough videos on a gimbal. However we also like to capture some pickup clips of the surrounding areas. Shots of the external of the building are also important for the film. With the gimbal setup we use a nice wide 15mm lens to really enhance the size of the rooms and capture a wide field of view. This wide lens also enhances the movement of the gimbal which is a lovely effect. With the b-roll shots we then typical use a very fast F1.4 lens to get some lovely depth in the shots. This combination works really well in creating a high end looking video that does the job of showcasing the property.

With this particular video we actually ran down to the shopping district at the end of the road and the park outside the building. These are definitely selling features of the location and well worth capturing. As a result this also gives a diverse selection of shots.

The end result

We’ve filmed quite a few building walkthrough videos over the past year so we’ve really honed the style of the filming to create a high end slick film. In conclusion, we created a film that would aid the sale of the property. You can see some of the stills from the video we capture din London below.

By Paul Bates, on Aug 6th, 2020, 0 Comments