London interview video series

I’ve been filming some more interview films this week over in West London.

A stylist approach to interview films

Want to make your interview films and videos stand out from the rest? We’ve been creating unique interview video looks for years. As a result we have an array of tricks and tips up our sleeve. Our latest project was filming ah huge selection of interviews over two days. We wracked up near twenty interviews videos in the end. As a result we put a stylistic approach in place to create a cohesive looking series.

The setup

These interview videos were being created for a medical company. With that in mind we went for something clean and professional with high end look We had a wonderful location and a very large room to play with. First thing is to never accept the room as it is. Ask yourself if there is anything you can do improve how it looks. That’s exactly what we did. We dressed the room up with some furniture and plants to create a nice backdrop. These weren’t even available in the room. We actually had to ask to hotel staff for help with this. It was a little work but it paid off. As a result we cerated a lovely backdrop.

Next up was the lighting. We used the blinds in the room to black out the majority of the ambient light. As a result this gave us more control with how dark or light the background was. We went for a classic three point lighting setup on this one. We created the look by using some soft LED lights for the key and fill and a small 150w light for a kicker.

After that was the lens choice. We opted for a 50mm filming at F2. As a result this created loads of depth and a high end video look. Above all just make sure you look out for your focus if you don’t have a camera with good autofocus.

The end result

In conclusion we created a wonderful series of high end interview videos. Above all else the client was left very happy. You can see a few of the video frames from the shoot below.

By Paul Bates, on May 28th, 2019, 0 Comments