Lighting for corporate video

One of the top considerations of any great videographer based in London should be lighting. It’s at the top of my list of importance when I film my video productions.

Why lighting for corporate video matters

With the exception of sound I would say lighting is the next most important aspect of video production. It’s by far more important than camera choice. Afterall you can have an incredible camera with huge 8k resolution but if you don’t have good lighting it’s still going to look poor. Comparatively having a 1080p DSLR from 10 years ago but using great lighting will still produce an incredible image.

Tips for great lighting in video

Here are some of my top tips for great lighting.

My number 1 tip happens before you even take a light out of the lighting cases. It’s positioning. Before I even think of lighting I look at positioning. Where shall I put the talent that will look great? Choosing a great background that maximises the space you’re in and ambient lighting available in the location will help.

Next up is soft light. With this in mind you need to think soft boxes. Starting with powerful light for your key light like an Aputure 600D and softening it down works well. The reason you need such a powerful light to start with is because the more you soften it, the more light you loose.

My third and final tip is using a back light. Back lights are important as they help separate your talent from the background. I find striking the balance between a subtle look but strong enough to pick your talent out.

Of course there is much more to lighting such as balancing colour and lighting for bigger scenes. However hopefully these three tips will help those of you starting out on your videographer journey.

By Paul Bates, on Jan 19th, 2023, 0 Comments