Kryolan 2014 Video Calendar

I just spent a week in Belgium shooting my first major project of the year. Make-up and cosmetics brand Kryolan flew me over to Antwerp to shoot their 2014 video calendar. I actually had two separate films to shoot, one conceptual film showcasing the looks for the calendar and then a making of video to show how the looks from the calendar were achieved. The conceptual film was an incredible piece to work on. We shot on a purpose built set with lots of props that all tied into the company slogan ‘make-up is a science’. Stylistically the film also mimicked this slogan through the use of the lighting and coloured gels I had at my disposal. I’m looking forward to releasing this piece but it won’t be made public until October to tie in with the delivery of the photo Calendar.

By Paul Bates, on Jan 28th, 2013, 0 Comments

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