How to create great scenes within your videography

One key element experienced videographers in London understand, is knowing techniques to create engaging films.  In this post we’ll look at how to create great scenes within your videographer to elevate it to the next level.

Quantity, quality or both?

Think of a film with one scene only.  Just one scene.  You could make that scene look visually great but at the end of the day it’s one scene.  The audience will tire of looking at that scene soon enough.  This highlights the importance of capturing several scenes.  This brings a level of engagement that one scene couldn’t possibly bring.  As a videographer, it enhances how dynamic your videos and films are.  It makes your audience want to watch on.  That being said, those scenes do have to be of a certain quality.  With that in mind, we underhand that having several great looking scenes in your video production will make it a better one.

How videographers make great scenes

As an experienced videographer working in London, I’ve come to understand what to make the scenes I capture stand out.  So what are my techniques when it comes to making beautifully looking scenes?  One key element is location.  Not only that, it’s about making a location work for the camera because we don’t always have a choice.  Checking the best angle, how you can work with the natural light in that space, how you can block light when you need to and how you could move and position the camera to cerate depth.  These are all key considerations I have when looking to film a new production.  If you physically move your camera about, change lenses and start playing, you’ll soon see what angle looks best I your location.  After time this does become a second nature.

How to create great scenes within your videography

Most corporate video productions I carry out in London as a videographer, are made up of two elements.  These are interview and b-roll.  B-roll, by the very nature of its name, is secondary.  In the early days I remember simply capturing a few additional shots to paste over the interview.  However, b-roll now plays a hugely significant part in making a super engaging film.  I think about and plan my b-roll just as much as the interview as for me it brings this interview words to life.  Variety is key and I’ll plan to film as many different and contrasting scenes as possible.  This makes for really interesting cuts when it come to the video editing process.  I hope this post makes you think about How to create great scenes within your videography and aids in advancing your work.



By Paul Bates, on Jun 17th, 2024, 0 Comments